Losing the Ego

Losing the ego
Swallowing your pride
Embodying your philosophy
Metamorphosis inside

The ego you carry
Around in your head
The illusion of importance
Sense of self; dead

The ego craves attention
Loquacious all the time
Desiring affirmation
Not a thought in his mind

Validation is necessary
Recognition a must
Exposing the façade
The ego gets crushed

Losing the ego
Curtain close for the show
End of an image
Liberating letting go

You’re in charge
You can be you
Pride has been lowered
Character comes through

Genuine life
Being true to yourself
Conquering the ego
Mastering of oneself


“The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion becomes your identity that can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do is a backwards way of assessing and living life”
-Wayne Dyer


Hedonic Treadmill

Insatiable thirst and hunger
A bottomless materialistic pit
Always something for nothing
Prop your feet up; you’re the shit

Narcissist lazy behavior
Spoiled childish attitude
Snowflakes; everybody’s a winner
Except for people like me and you

They want it all
Dedicated to useless social tasks
Judgmental of others
Sluggish and fat

Passion for wealth
Absence of worth
Fickleness nature
Self-esteem at its worst

No goals intended
Overwhelmed and tired
False-self dominates
Tranquility expires

Choked by emotions
Drowning in desires
Wicked ambitions
Self-indulgence on fire

Lost in luxuries
Blinded by hope
Delusions of adequacy
Tempered by dope

Literary studies
Lost thing of the past
The perception of knowledge
Builds up real fast

Enthusiasm for fame
Appeal to pointless facts
We’re creating an illusionary world
We may never get back

Chasing a fictitious image
A nightmarish dream comes true
Delusions of adequacy
Creates a facade of virtue

The traditional view
The path to acquire
Loaded with debt
Bankrupt with desire

Our culture is afflicted
Materialism grabs hold
Misguided expectations
Hedonic treadmill creates a black hole

History has tried to teach us
The pains had no effect
No lessons learned in life
The cards dealt shows a slow death

The comfort of emotions
The greediness starts to blend
Before we become aware
Here we go again

Funny, how ironic
Human nature can be
Blind drives of biology
Now a destructive quality

New desires will take place
Old compulsions will disappear
Life will be driven
By the avoidance of new fears

A new set of beliefs
A new course in life
Is really what’s needed
For autonomy in our life

Acknowledge our predicament
Self-respect matters most
Virtue and honor
Is what I hope and propose

This generation
Can change what’s been done
We’re in this together
We’re in this as one

Clarity of mind

And gluttony
Pass away all in due time

The past tells a story
Opportunity to understand; to know
Everything that has happened in life
Was necessary for our growth


Lemmings to a Cliff

Instincts stored from antiquity
Leather bound books; library in the mind
Beautiful tragic collections and revisions
The conundrum of neurology; conflict presides

Endowed with supreme cognition
Cursed, condemned by the residue of blind drives
Irreconcilable emotional juxtapositions
Humanities ironical demise

Profoundly ignorant, unabashed, and indifferent
Audacious opinions of uninformed certitudes
In the end, passions rule reason
The instinctual beast can’t be subdued

Like Lemmings to a cliff running blindly
Chasing those with no knowledge or esteem
If only one to be the wiser
Perhaps we awake from a really bad dream


The One

Long winding country roads
The rickety sound of that old wooden porch swing
Running wild through fields with dusty whirlwinds
Youthful memories of barefoot childhood dreams

She chased him around the barn and that old broken fence post
Pure innocence, childish fun
Promising one day she’d catch him
And swearing, “one day he’d be the one”

Young feelings grow and spread like blue bonnets
Emotional fireflies swirling on a warm summer’s night
Dancing slowly to that special love song
Just being together; young love, it feels so right

Smoldering fire’s left unattended
Ignite with the slightest breath of wind
Desires engulfed by the heat of passions
Forever troubled; the termination of a childhood sin

Life flows and flows so quickly
Like water rushing through a rocky mountain stream
Marriage, kids, losing love ones
The uncomfortable conundrum of stuffing thoughts while chasing dreams

Impactful moments and haunting memories
Relationships; future dreams mired by guilty and pain
The selfish attempt for personal resolution
All efforts made in vain

The flames of shame and self-deprecation
Roar higher with the taste of 100 proof
He’s burdened by the facade of his pristine image
Embarrassed because people know his ugly truth

A father’s acknowledgment o so desperately wanted
A brother’s love so desired and contrite
He begs and pleads to start this life over
As he prays for one more chance to make his wrongs right

As the destructive internal voices fade into the troubled night
A familiar young voice strangely reemerged
“It’s not your fault… you’re still the one”
“I’m fine; the hard lessons have been learned”

Self-forgiveness brings autonomy and liberation
Warm soup for the broken soul
The angels blow their golden bugles
We’re free to go home to that long winding country road

Run wild around that old barn and broken fence post
Swing high in that rickety old swing
Run barefoot with your memories; your family
Rejoice in life; Go forth in life

Loves Harsh Beauty

Morning horizon; sun kisses
Tall cat tail reed; dew slowly roll
Steam dancing-calm waters
Nature; beautiful-cold

Shiny coin; two sides
Yin Yang

Loves harsh beauty
Grabs hold; Emotional toll
Agony and ecstasy
Perturbation; disturbance of the soul

Emotional palpitations
Conviction; till death do us part
Rapture; Glorious experiences
Breathtaking work; Gods art

Love assures; inspires fires
Perplexed; highest hopes, wildest desires
Panoply of experiences
One would never grow tired

Reciprocity; two love respect
Awe inspiring, wondrous, everlasting

I unto you; do unto me
Trials and tribulations
Love… perhaps tragedy?

Sun slips; evening shade
Tress blowing: glorious day
Beauty; heavenly golden haze
Dare to risk; love – Don’t fade…


Privilege Extended

Help; altruistic and noble
An admirable desire
Impulse; well-meaning
Undiscerned – ominous – dire

You give what they need
And they need what they take
Enabling irresponsibility
O’ what a mistake

Enabling perpetuates
Cripples; kills resolve
It creates dependency
It permeates; infectious, humanities fall

Habitual; enabling dysfunctional behavior
Delusional; flawed expectations of things to change
Co-dependent; self-esteem is contingent
Inappropriate; behaviors remain the same

Enabling unaccepting behavior
Resenting the lack of responsibilities
The harsh reality…
You’re the cure – and the disease

Manifestation; be so very careful
Creation; motions set forth, perpetuated in life
Good intentions; a privilege extended
Perplexed; becomes defined as a right

Destructive patterns can change
However; rarely they do
Fact; they can’t be them
Ironically; without someone like you

Natures balanced by choices and consequences
Removal of shame – inhumane
Suffering is growth – it’s the answer
Without pain, rarely do we change



World; walking thorough
Darkness all around
Full view – sun
Lost; craving something sound

Sleepwalking through this life
Awake but cannot see
The forest blocks the view
Tragedy; we can’t see the trees

Excessive preoccupation
Held captive; fixated by our mind
Views confabulated
Perception; you think everything’s fine

Conundrum – you don’t really care
Knowledge – no need to really know
Content – satisfied with your opinion
Doomed – emotions run the show

Reality; we create
Truths available – yet we not hear
Confined – living in our world
Complacent; humanities indifference; slowly, we disappear