Stupid is as Stupid Does

Stupid is as stupid does
That is what they say
Actions speak louder
Than words could ever say

You say that you’re informed
Professional at what you do
Cocky beyond your expertise
Makes you arrogant and cruel

Your ignorance breeds confidence
You’re superior in every way
Honest discourse is impossible
Asshole in every way

Why am I writing this?
Some might wonder and say
“You could freeze molasses to pour it”
“The outcome will always be the same”

Maybe it’s not about them
Maybe it’s all about me
I could blow my friggin head off


I could write poetry
“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish” -Euripides



Like that’s a bad thing?
Demanding evidence
Before believing anything

Belief without proof
Not very wise
The devil does his best work
Under that guise

We live in a society
Traditions over facts
When science says otherwise
Arrogance reacts

Content with your knowledge
Satisfied with your needs
Your journey has ended
You’ve confirmed your belief

What looks benign
Is a cancerous growth
Because those who doubt you
Are judged the most

The truth you have found
Is the truth that you’ve made
Love and compassion
Only if they see it your way

You really care
You want them to see
That you really love them
In spite of their philosophy

They’re wrong with their thoughts
They’ve been misled
Is it our job to tell them
What’s wrong with their head?

They’re using intelligence
For a spiritual thing
For what’s unknown
And what can’t be seen

Intellectualism demands
The burden of proof
For things that are stated
Claims to be true

When we use discernment
Probabilities enhanced
There should be no exceptions
Then the truth will advance

The truth is indifferent
To feelings and beliefs
And the number of followers
Doesn’t increase their validity

If you start to worry
Don’t be afraid of the unknown
It’s the story they’ve created
To keep them in control

Go ahead…try it and see
You’ll know the truth
And the truth will set you free

“Uncertainty is unpleasant”
Voltaire once said
But the thought of certainty
That’s all in your head
“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd”

Losing the Ego

Losing the ego
Letting go of your pride
Example for others
Feeling good deep inside

The ego you carry
Inside of your head
Is like a puppet
Sitting on your leg

He gets the attention
Talks all the time
Flailing his arms
Not a thought in his mind

Speaking with certitude
Butt of his jokes
Making up stories
Trying to provoke

Egos are shallow
Not much to share
Cutting down other
You don’t have to care

Fantastical stories
It’s so fun to pretend
Fabrication of self
Where does it end?

Validation is necessary
Recognition a must
Exposing the façade
He would be crushed

Those who know little
Appear to think on their feet
Those who know much
Never have to speak

Losing the ego
Curtain close for the show
End of an image
Free to let go

Now you are in charge
You can be you
Pride has been lowered
Character comes through

Genuine life
True to yourself
Conquering the ego
Mastering of yourself

“The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do is a backwards way of assessing and living life”
-Wayne Dyer

Stages of Change

Stages of change
Going through the years
Month after month
Year after year

From summer to winter
Fall and spring
Changes are happening

Such are the stages
Occurring day after day
Resisting is pointless
Nature finds a way

To fight change
Is to not understand
When the old dies out
A new life begins

When we fight change
We increase egos strength
It’s like working a muscle
Expecting atrophy

Changes are stages
In nature and in life
A steady progression
Psychologists have it right

Pre-contemplation stage
Defensive mode
They didn’t ask
You shouldn’t have told

The hint of a problem
A voice of concern
You better stand back
Your about to get burned

Contemplation stage
Thinking about things
Emotional energy
Ready to change

Talking about it
Clearing the mind
Awareness of a problem
Learning refined

Preparation stage
Stepping on up
Looking for plan
Aware it’s not luck

Letting go of old beliefs
Heed the call of change
You could stay where you are
However, you would remain the same

Action stage
Preparation meets opportunity
A program well defined
Is called specificity

Redundant is the actions
Reward is the change
Goals not well defined
Motivation down the drain

Maintenance stage
Key strategy for change
Maintaining new habits
Good choices remain

Success is nothing more
Than habitual patterns of thoughts
Repeat what you do
You’ll get what you got

New pattern are scary
They are hard to maintain
But if you trust the process
Life will never be the same
“We cannot become who we want by remaining who we are” ~Max DePree


Observing the observer
Strange thought indeed
Listening without judging
It’s not a cognitive fantasy

The little voice inside you
That’s full of fear and pain
The dialogue goes on and on
Creating so much shame

The ego is the villain
A cancerous growth to self-esteem
Trying to overcome it
The treatment is sometimes worse than the disease

The ego likes to parade around
In a comparison mode
Presenting a false impression
To other egotistical bottomless holes

Observing the observer
Awareness truly begins
Understanding “the self” without judgment
Liberation, autonomy in the end

Acceptance of our condition
Acknowledgement and letting go
Everything in life has been necessary
To facilitate our growth

An awakening has happened
A metamorphosis unfolds
The death of the ego
The resurrection of a holy soul
“What a caterpillar calls the end of the world we call a butterfly.”
― Eckhart Tolle

All in this Together

If you don’t understand
It’s because you don’t want to know
We all have a big problem
Face it…hell no

The first step out
Is the first step in
Acknowledging our dilemma
Here’s how it begins

We’ve been sold a story
That’s been told and told
We pick a position
Become dogmatically bold

Objectively looking
Through a subjective lens
Creates emotional illusions
Rationality can’t win

Let’s get some things straight
And face a few facts
Our ignorance of humanity
Makes us quickly react

Human emotions
Manifest from a time
Survival was important
It was beneficial to stay with “like kind”

Our genes favored traits
That worked for the year
Race was unimportant
Function was dear

We’re all very tribal
And there’s a reason that’s true
Survival was more likely
For both me and for you

So… to say “some” are racist
You’re ignorant of the facts
If we perceive danger
Pattern seeking helps you to attack

Black lives matter?
What about me?
Who’s racist now?
How can you not see?

Words can be hurtful
Choose them well
If you stick with emotions
Oh well…go to hell 

We all have perspectives
From our past histories
But to think yours is right
Is going to be a problem with me

If you think people are stupid
Because they don’t see
From your myopic position
What a tragedy

We need to calm down
We need to agree
We don’t see things as they are
We see traditionally

We are entitled to opinions
We have the freedom to speak
Just please don’t forget
That applies to you… and to me

Helping our brothers
Encouraging equal rights
Protecting the environment
Our quality of life

We’re all in this together
For a very short time

A must for mankind

Let’s all band together
We’re all the same beneath the skin
Examine your evolutionary emotions
Reason and logic always wins


Golden Circle

“What” do you do?
“How” do you know?
“Why” do you care?
Is it a placebo?

Such are the thoughts
Of a scientific mind
Reason and logic
Wanting to know why

Hypothetical proposition
Desiring the truth
Testing the data
Empirical proof

We love it
Learn it
Give it all back

That is our purpose
When the facts are exact

Something is missing
Our message unheard
The truth doesn’t matter
When you use the wrong words

Mistaken progression
Of the scientific mind
The fact of the matter
Truth doesn’t create drive

Great communicators
A double edge sword
They can pray on your emotions
Or allow the truth to be told

They start with the “why”
A façade that they care
Tell you the “how”
“What” they do seems unfair

Appealing to emotions
The feelings inside
Wants, needs, desires
A bandit in disguise

Limbic motivation
Pulls from within
Movements occurs
The distortions begin

Our audience isn’t interested
In what we know
All that really matters
Is our trust starts to show

True fitness professionals
Can we make them believe?
If we don’t stop projecting
They will continue to leave

Our intentions were good
Motivated by facts
Our message was tainted
Our attitude seemed to attack

We now have a voice
A message gets told
The science is the same
The truth never gets old

When the student is ready
The teacher will appear
New understanding
The science becomes clear

Appeal to the emotions
Opens you to the truth
Now we’re gladly accepting
Incontrovertible proof

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”- Theodore Roosevelt